Preventive Healthcare for Adult Pets

The Annual Physical Exam is the cornerstone of your adult pet's preventive health care at Ulysses Veterinary Hospital. Our doctor will carefully examine your pet for problems that may currently exist and for the warning signs of potential problems that can be avoided by early intervention. Time will be taken to discuss any concerns you have or that have been identified from your pet's exam and work to develop a plan for treatment or preventive measures. Any necessary Vaccinations or periodic blood tests such as Heartworm Tests or Monitoring Profiles may be performed in conjunction with this annual exam. We choose the vaccinations your pet receives based on its risk of exposure as determined by an assessment of your pet's activity and lifestyle. Preventive measures recommended for internal and external parasites are also based on each individual's apparent risk. We believe that our patients' needs change with age, and we will recommend necessary changes in their care when appropriate.